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Miami - Whether you're into sports, sunshine or salsa, Miami sizzles all year long with exciting entertainment venues and attractions, world-class hotels and restaurants, great beaches and a nightlife that never sleeps. While South Beach, full of chic nightclubs and pastel-hued buildings, gets all the press, other sections of Miami are offer culture, recreation and more. Explore the Art Deco District or take the kids to the zoo. At night chill out at any of the area's cool bars and nightclubs.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art NORTHEAST MIAMI This facility was opened in 1996 and has 23,000 square feet of exhibition space. The museum houses more than 400 permanent installations from artists such as Larry Rivers, Claes Oldenburg, and Jasper Johns. With eight to ten changing exhibits annually, even more artists are represented. Special programs on offer include a jazz concert series on the last Friday of every month; lectures and discussions with artists like Frank Stella; video and film screenings; and classical music concerts. The Museum Shop is open during regular museum hours.

The museum of contemporary art is where you can go and see information about great artist and what they have done over the years. The exhibition at the museum is full with amazing pictures of what the artist have done. From the paintings on the wall to the sculptures of the statures its amazing. The members of the museum have tours where they take you through the museum and show you the paintings and how the artist came up with the idea of the paintings. The museum of contemporary arts is a great museum to go to, its fascinating to see what kind of pictures are in there. Its good for the kids that love painting and have an interest for painting. The admission is free so you can go and enjoy lots of painting and artist doing what they love to do most make people happy. The museum of contemporary art has locations in Los Angeles, Australia, New York, Chicago, Denver, Georgia and many other places.

Artist like Catherine Opie redefines this picture with vibrant photographs that capture people, that reflect an essence the character of America. Opie presents a spectacular portrait that expresses diversity and beauty. There are various artist that have very unique interest in painting and what they want the people to think of their painting reflects their emotions. Another famous artist is Richard Long for his Cornwall circle. In Cornwall Circle's present installation, Davis observes, "The light, color, form, and texture of MOCA's Rotunda gallery creates and environment that makes the sculpture seem to come alive and into reality, organic, and functional." The sculpture has been displayed at the CMNA. Davis finds that MOCA's gallery, "creates a personal space that offers viewers a kind of personal view with the sculpture and helps them more closely examine the work." The circular shape of the gallery, the light hardwood floor, and the floor-to-ceiling windows allow a new sight of the sculpture's symbolic design and beauty. Davis elaborates, "The room gives the viewer a full range of sensory experiences with the work. The rich colors of the sculpture vary with the time of day. As shadows move across the work, new angles form, textures reveal, and patterns are created on the slate pieces.

Over the years the museum has gotten very popular with all of it's pictures and art forms from a wide variety of talented artists. From small to big there all different in size, shape, color and the way they look. The museum is freedom to think, to express yourself, to create a whole new world of imagination, thought, or just to relax and think about art.

770 NE 125th St, Joan Lehman Building, North Miami 33161 305-893-6211

Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun noon-5pm;
Guided Tours Sat 2pm

Payment Methods: Cash